Meeting in Dubai - planning your successful event

You already know Dubai is an impressive place even if you're just visiting, but for business meetings, it can be truly inspiring for everyone in the boardroom. It will take some effort to get the arrangements together, but choosing the right facilities can help. Find out what you can do to make the best impression.


1. Make Everyone Comfortable

No one can make decisions when they feel crowded by objects or other people. Whether you're signing contracts or devising a new strategy, meetings can take a lot of energy out of the people involved. The Nassima Royal Hotel has meeting rooms for occasions of every size, with the largest room being 710 square meter (or over 7,500 square feet of space.) The rooms also have climate control and free Wi-Fi, so everyone is comfortable and has ready access to the tools they need.


2. Designate a Place for Off-Topic Discussions

Just one tangential points can disrupt people's attentions, and it takes time to get back into the flow of the conversation. Designate a place for off-topic discussions for a more focused meeting. Let everyone know they still have the opportunity to talk about either personal or unrelated work subjects, they just need to table it for the appropriate spot — like the Nassima Royal Hotel's luxurious outdoor space.


3. Take Advantage of a Custom Meeting Coordinator

There's a lot to consider when having a meeting, and when people are in a new place, they may become frustrated when having to deal with all the details. It can set the wrong tone if leaders are wandering around trying to find the room or struggling with conference room equipment. Having a competent and friendly meeting coordinator gives you and your team a chance to focus on what really matters — the talking points of the meeting.


3. Use the Right Visuals

The best graphics give people something to look at and reinforce the information they're listening to. Technology has a way of leaving us with lasting impressions, but just like any tool, it can be misused. Bright, clean and informative graphics can go a long way when it comes to ensuring people leave the meeting knowing the action they need to take next. If you're looking for hotels on Sheik Zayed Road that have the latest equipment for their conference rooms, look no further than the Nassima Royal Hotel.


4. Use Custom Catering

Board meetings can last for hours, and the last thing a CEO needs is for people to be distracted by hunger or thirst. The Nassima Royal Hotel has chefs who can cater to your attendee's dietary needs, so all of your guests will walk away feeling satisfied. Having the best in food and drinks can also make meeting venues Dubai that much more welcoming and memorable.


5. Know Your Goal

When people get together, there's a tendency to want to fix or improve everything about the organization, and that's not possible in one meeting. The problem is that these discussions can seem relevant at the time when they're actually sidetracking the conversation. Know what you want, set your objective, and make sure you stick to the agenda as much as possible. Should you want to have a free form discussion, save it for another time.


6. Give Attendees a Reward

Taking people out afterward for drinks in a bustling nightlife setting can be a great way to connect with each other, and it gives people a chance to relax after a long business meeting. While a large boardroom can help everyone focus and stay on task, an outing can a better way to encourage trust and camaraderie amongst co-workers. Dubai has some of the best clubs, bars and people, making it the perfect backdrop for a well-deserved night of fun.


The Nassima Royal Hotel encourages you to see our facilities for business meetings in Dubai, and we're happy to host your guests after the meeting as well. Our staff is personable and ready to make an impression, whether. After you've seen what the city has to offer, come back to a comfortable room or suite where you can get the sleep you need to take on your next project.

Date: Nov 13, 2016

Source: Nassima Royal Hotel