Business meetings in Dubai, finding the best venue on Sheikh Zayed Road

How to Find the Best Meeting Venues in Dubai  


There are a lot of meeting rooms available in every city, but that doesn't mean they're all appropriate for your business. If you're planning to host a board meeting in Dubai, you should know how you can make the facilities work for you. Having a luxury setting, first-class staff and the best in technology can make it easier for everyone to have the right experience. When you have a lot at stake, make sure the hotel you choose can offer the following features.

Make an Impression

Luxury makes an impression, and people notice the effort you make in everything you do. If the carpets of the boardroom are fraying or the staff can only muster a lackluster smile when you say hello, it sends the message that you only care so much about the experience they have when trying to make the best decisions about what will happen in the future. This is not about intimidating people with oppressive fixtures and taskmaster attitudes, but about giving everyone a chance to open up in a new place, and put their best foot forward.

Set the Stage for Comfort

Natural lighting, individual climate control and plenty of space can make people feel relaxed and ready to give the meeting their full concentration. Having custom catering can bring the tastes of home to everyone in the boardroom, or it can introduce your guests to new flavors. You need your guests to be able to keep the conversation on topic, and if they're distracted by anything, they'll have a difficult time sharing their ideas. When the meetings start to lag, we have a contingency plans built into our services. The Nassima Royal Hotel offers practically everything you could think of, and we're happy to personalise our agenda to meet yours.

It's All About the Details

When you have to run a meeting, your attention needs to be devoted to the most urgent matters. It's not fair to anyone if you don't have the necessary support to make it happen. You will find many hotels on Sheikh Zayed Road, but it can be difficult to find one that can handle it all. When you walk into a boardroom with the latest Apple Mac that holds the latest projections, you need a staff who can work with your equipment so you don't have to. When your guests aren't sure how to get to the meeting, you need a staff that can organise the chaos with aplomb. In today's fast paced world internet connection is a must so all of our guests have access to free Wifi. The Nassima Royal Hotel staff are trained to take care of everything, and our communication is second to none. From custom catering to refills on drinks to making sure you know exactly where to go for the best night on the town, trust us to think of it all — even before you do.

Stay the Night

Business meetings in Dubai can be the best place in the world to push your company in a new direction or to figure out how everyone will cope with the next crisis. If you're a C.E.O. or major decision maker, you have a lot of people depending on what you do, and good planning and provisions can make a difference. When you plan the meeting, plan to stay an extra night or two. Not only does it help people feel more relaxed, but there's also so much to discover in the city. Interact with your colleagues both in formal and informal settings to encourage stronger bonds with each other. The boardroom gives you the best in professionalism, but the city of Dubai and the staff at the Nassima Royal Hotel know that meeting venues Dubai are not the only place to get to know people. Come see the thrilling nightlife in the clubs and bars of downtown, and then rest your head in the best rooms the city has to offer.

We invite you to learn more about what our award-winning hotel can do for you. Our prime location makes meeting venues in Dubai a joy for all involved, and we can show you how it all comes together. We make it easy for your team to be productive, so you can accomplish all of your goals.


Date: Nov 01, 2016

Source: Nassima Royal Hotel